The formulation of economic engineering plans of the project, preparation of the budget, stages and
     possible time schedule.

Management of the preparation of an urban construction plan, for the change of designations of land or
     for the addition of rights,for residential, commercial, office space and industrial construction, including
     coordination and control of the planning.

Assistance in the authorization of the plan at the qualified authorities.

Promotion of the availability of infrastructure projects.

The preparation of a time schedule for the execution of the project, and the control of the planning
     against the performance.

Activation of the execution, the publication of tenders, building permits, analysis and recommendations.

Management of the project at the execution stage.

Close supervision of the project.

Control of accounts and a budget control system.

Assistance in the populating of the building / neighborhood and the running of the systems in 
    coordination with the Authorities.

Planning and execution of an infrastructure system for residential neighborhoods, industrial and 
    commercial areas,
parks and entertainment and recreational areas.

Planning and execution of buildings for offices, industry commerce and residence.

Engineering control for the execution of infrastructures for the development of land.

Assistance in the statutory registration of land.

Management of the planning within the framework of a Planning Management company for The 
     Israel Lands Authority (under the name S.I. E. Rishonim Project Management Ltd.).

The Planning Committee of the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities, the Israel Electric Corporation,
     Bezek, Public 
Works Authority, Mekorot, Israel Land Authority, The Antiquities Authority, The Ministry of
     Environmental Protection, etc.