Coordination of the planning, management and overseeing of the execution of all the infrastructure systems in these neighborhoods, commencing with earthworks, sewage, drainage, roads, lighting, coordination of execution with the I. E. C. Bezek, Cable T. V. companies, and management of the execution and overseeing of the development including open public areas, gardens and irrigation systems.

Nahariya - Ein Sarah neighborhood
Development and infrastructure for a residential neighborhood for 700 residential units on an area of about 200 dunam (50 acres).
Rishon LeZion - Ahuzat Kedem
Development and infrastructure for a residential
neighborhood for about 300 residential units in Rishon Lezion,
on an area of about 100 dunam (25 acres).

Rishon LeZion - A cottage neighborhood on the beach
Development and infrastructure 
for about 230 residential units, on an area of about 100 dunam (25 acres).
A neighborhood in East Rishon Lezion- (Local Zoning Plan / 57)
Development of the Infrastructure for a residential neighborhood of 850 residential units on an area of about 200 dunam.
Rishon LeZion - Cottage neighborhood - Kiryat Simcha
Development and Infrastructure
 for a residential neighborhood of 250 cottages on an area of about 180 dunam (45 acres).

Pardess Amitzur - Ashkelon
Management of the Planning for 
a change in the designation of the land and the development of a residential neighborhood of 1,400 residential units on an area of about 250 dunam (about 62 acres).

Neve Dekalim B' - Rishon Lezion West
Development and infrastructure 
for a residential neighborhood of 870 cottages on an area of 440 dunam (110 acres).

Mazkeret Batia - "Eshet Hayil" Neighborhood (250/2/MZ)
Development and infrastructure of a neighborhood of 1,600 residential units, the majority single story and part of them staggered semi-detached, including public structures.

Rishon LeZion - "South Nahalat"
residential neighborhood of about 300 single story residential units in stages of execution in an overall contract framework between the Land Registration Office and Rishon LeZion Municipality.
Rishon LeZion - "Central Nahalat"
combined residential neighborhood of about 400 single story and 1,001 units of saturated construction with an educational campus and public institutions.
At the stage of execution within the framework of an overall contract between Land Registration Office and 
Rishon LeZion Municipality.

Rishon LeZion - "Zuriel" Neighborhood
coordination, infrastructure administration and development of the neighborhood in 
East Rishon of about 1,000 units - the majority saturated construction of about 100 single story.

Rishon LeZion - Gentrification Sela
Development and infrastructure including public structures for a residential neighborhood that includes evacuation of about 300 residential units and construction of over 1,200 residential units.
development of a northern neighborhood of about 110 single story residential units in Elkana, including infrastructure.